Piano Movers

Why Do You Need Professional Piano Movers?

Moving your grand piano that’s been in use for 80 years to a new room or even to a completely new one isn’t a simple job. 

It’s different from moving other pieces of furniture. Pianos are composed of pedals, keys, wires, and other components which, if they break, will pose a significant expense to repair. 

They weigh between a hundred to one thousand pounds, which can result in the risk of injuries if they are not transported safely. The best method to ensure your piano goes exactly where it needs to go is to employ professionals who can move your piano. 

They are equipped with the tools and expertise required to move your piano safely without causing any damage or causing injury to anyone else. 

Here are some advantages of hiring San Jose piano movers services.

Factors That Complicate the Piano Moving Process

  • Access Point

A majority of your belongings leave your home through the front door and then go into your new home via the door in front. But, big items such as your piano might need to go through more access points such as sliding patio doors, French doors, or an entryway for balconies.

The alternative access point could cause your movers to face other challenges. For instance, if the piano must pass through a balcony, the movers need to use the help of a crane or lift to move the piano to the second floor.

  • Hallway and Door Dimensions

They are notoriously hard to move due to their design giving only a few sturdy handholds during transport. The weight of these instruments increases the likelihood of injury and property damage particularly when they are paired with homes that are difficult to navigate.

If your home has narrow doors and low ceilings as well as the appearance of thin hallways, you may need to take a step back or entirely disassemble the piano to remove the piano.

  • Instrument Size

In addition to the awkward form of the majority of pianos, they often weigh more than other furniture pieces within the home. 

Movers make use of specially designed floor covers, dollies, and straps for stabilization to securely and safely move these instruments while the piano is moving.

  • Obstructions

One of the elements that could alter a moving estimate is the amount of obstructions the moving company must navigate around when transferring things on the trucks. This is particularly the case for moving pianos.

If you are preparing for the piano’s move, take out all the furniture. If you can, take down any hanging light fixtures, decorative hardware, or other objects of architecture that might get in the way of the team moving.

Why Hire Professionals?

  • Protect the Piano

The majority of pianos cannot pass through doors or around corners, however, professionals know how to disassemble the instrument, transport it safely, and then reassemble it. 

Moving a piano requires special boards and dollies that can transport such large objects without damaging them. However, knowing how to utilize them is the advantage of hiring experts.

  • Avoid Property Damage

One of the most frequent mishaps that can occur when you move the piano by yourself is property damage. You could cause damage to the piano itself or the surrounding areas like doors, flooring, and door frames. Movers who aren’t experienced know the correct techniques and procedures needed to move the piano safely from one area to another. 

They also are not equipped and do not have the appropriate equipment to disassemble the piano, secure parts, and then put it back together at the new place. Pianos are extremely fragile and delicate and need to be properly taken care of to keep their condition and performance quality.

  • Ensure Your Safety

Pianos are available in a variety of forms and are extremely heavy, which makes them dangerous to move, particularly when staircases are in play. Moving the piano by yourself could put both the piano and you in danger. It’s not difficult for one slip to send it to roll into the back of your head. You may also accidentally throw your back if you don’t lift it properly. A professional San Jose piano movers team of between four and six movers can handle this without risking injury or harm. They employ professional methods to ensure that the piano as well as all those involved are protected during the entire process.

  • Get Proper Transportation

Professionals have the right trucks and padding to safely transport your piano, ensuring it can outlast any bumps or hazards on the way. They’re equipped to secure your piano in their vehicle and move it safely.

  • Save Time & Money

Based on the kind of piano you have as well as the location it is moving, it might require between two and six professional moving companies. The cost of moving will depend on whether it’s an in-person move or a long distance. 

There are instances when the piano must be lifted by cranes. Inquiring your movers for a quote is the most effective method to determine the cost of the costs. In most cases, the quality assurance and services you receive are more than the cost in the event of damage to your property.

Hire Burton & Wilson Piano Movers

Making plans ahead and engaging professional San Jose piano movers who can help you move your piano is an excellent option to save money and ensure the safety of your piano and property. 

Whatever the challenges you face regarding your move, our professional movers have the equipment and expertise to complete the task quickly and safely. Professional companies for moving can offer efficient solutions to make your move as easy as possible.

If you’re in search of an experienced and professional company to assist you in moving your gorgeous piano safely and securely from one spot to the next, think about Burton & Wilson Piano Movers. We have an extensive knowledge of every aspect of moving from beginning to completion. 

This lets us think about all the little details and be there to help you. If you have specific questions about your move our team will take note and suggest options that are with your budget and requirements. Call us now to learn more or to receive a quote for our services.