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Piano Moving Storage Tips

Piano Moving Storage Tips 2023

When you purchase the Piano, it’s going to move and store. This is a factor you should pay attention to. Many people ignore piano moving storage safety, but it’s the primary reason the Piano doesn’t have similar sound quality. 

If you’re looking for security while moving and storing your Piano, only a skilled piano mover can ensure the identical. Here are some tips and tricks we will always use during storage and moving. Read them all to understand better.

In-Home Piano Moving Tips

We’ll first look at what you must do to transfer your Piano into an area different from your Home.

  • Close and lock the lid of your keyboard: Even though you don’t have to go that far, you must secure the sensitive areas on the Piano.
  • Remember to take many measurements: Measure the dimensions of your Piano. Take measurements of the width of the hallways. Take measurements of the doorways’ width. You must ensure your Piano will fit. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to disassemble it.
  • Do seek out the help of an experienced piano moving storage service: The sheer weight of the Piano needs the appropriate equipment to transport it from one place to the next. Not to mention that if you must disassemble it, wouldn’t you need a professional to put it back together properly?
  • Remove all obstructions blocking your path: You want a straight path from where the Piano currently is to the new place it will be. It is necessary to take furniture, lamps, end tables, rugs, and more away from the way. There should not be anything that could cause you to fall or get in your way.

Piano Storage

As essential as moving, it is also possible to have an interval between pickup and delivery. Thus, storage strategies for pianos can be useful if you have warehouse facilities. Here are some.

  • The storage facility must be climatically controlled. The material used to make the Piano is prone to humidity and temperature.
  • The space in which a piano is kept should be big enough to accommodate the huge instrument. A piano with an upright design is intended to be straight on its legs. We do not keep this Piano along its side.
  • Before placing the Piano in storage, it should be cleaned with a proper polish for the Piano. Cleaning the keys is different because polish won’t work on the keys. We apply a damp, clean cloth to clean the keys.
  • It is recommended to allow the Piano to adjust to its new Home for a few days before you tune it as soon as it is handed over.

Short And Long-Distance Piano Moving Tips 

Piano moving storage across town or far distances requires additional rules and regulations. It is important to follow the same guidelines when moving your Piano from one place to another. These include:

  • Inform your moving company of any damaged or loose parts or damage. By providing this information, you will allow your moving company to exercise additional precautions to avoid further harm.
  • Do inform your movers of the location where you’d like your Piano to be unloaded at your new residence. This will inform them to ensure a clear path through the room while unpacking the truck.
  • Make your mover aware of any difficulties moving the Piano from your house. For instance, you reside on the fifth floor, with no elevator to take advantage of, or in the 3rd-floor area of an old structure with narrow staircases.
  • Do inform your mover of any difficulties moving the Piano into your new residence. You should also inform your moving company of any difficulties in getting the Piano into the space at your new residence.
  • Ensure the Piano is securely secured in the truck moving it. Your Piano moving firm will use specially designed straps for furniture to secure the Piano in the truck.
  • Do not put things on the top of the Piano. Your mover already knows this, so this post will remind you when you prepare for your move.

Problems when Moving a Piano By Yourself

If you’re moving a piano yourself, you’ll encounter several difficulties.

You May Damage The Piano

If you and your group of helpers need to be made aware of the right way to proceed, you’ll likely damage your Piano. Certain damages could be minor, like dents or scratches on your Piano due to improper preparation. In contrast, others may be more severe and damage your Piano beyond repair.

People Could Be Injured

There’s a possibility that you or your aids could get hurt. When the instrument is not properly secured during the move or if somebody loses control over it, the instrument might slide and cause serious injury to the person.

You Could Damage Your Home

It’s also possible to scratch floors or scratch or scratch walls while moving a piece of furniture as big and heavy as an instrument. This kind of damage can be caused by the Piano not being properly wrapped in blankets or if you drag it across the flooring without putting it on a dolly that moves.

Hiring Professional Assistance to Transfer Your Piano

Suppose you need more clarification about piano moving storage. In that case, hiring professionals like us to move your piano is always recommended, particularly since many things could be a disaster if you try it on your own. We have the expertise, experience, and navigational techniques to transport your piano safely!