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Piano Technician

What Does A Piano Technician Do?

You’re considering becoming a technician on the piano, but the first thing you must ask is what precisely a piano technician does. 

Piano technicians can accomplish various things by performing work with the piano. Even performing piano repairs for a symphony orchestra or an individual piano gallery.

One of the most prevalent problems with pianos is the sluggish keys sticking to the keyboard or pianos that need to be in tune, and the piano needs to be fixed in order by a piano repairman. Also, there is the constant issue of notes buzzing oddly whenever a key is hit. 

Even dirty or damaged keys for pianos. There are a myriad of things a piano technician must do. 

If you’re interested in how to become a piano repairman, read the following article.

Should I Become a Piano Technician?

Do you want to become a piano repairman? There are a few aspects you need to think about before entering into this field.

  • Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Are you adept at selling yourself? If you decide to be a piano technician, you’ll likely work for yourself. It’s a beautiful and rewarding experience, but you must also remember that you’ll be in charge of securing the work you want. 

This means that you need to be a driven individual and have the ability to find clients. The most challenging part is finding the initial ten new clients. 

Once you have established yourself within a specific area and demonstrated that you can do the job and are reliable, people begin to refer to you, and you slowly grow a good-sized client base. 

However, until that point, it’s a long struggle to convince people to be interested in hiring you. The first client will always be the most difficult unless it’s an acquaintance.

  • Do You Like Working With Your Hands?

You’re probably surprised to learn to become a piano repairman that many people must become more adept at using their hands. 

It is essential to consider long and thoughtfully if you’re gifted or can work using your hands because he’ll be working all the time. Pianos are incredibly delicate instruments. You will be required to understand how to fix the piano. 

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself putting your fingers in tight spaces and needing to perform exact work in a cramped area. Consider thinking long and thoughtful about whether this is the type of job you like. Many people find it very enjoyable.

  • Do You Like Working Alone?

The piano technician is among those jobs that, although you’re around people throughout the day, there is only a little interaction with people. 

You’re invited into homes, but you need to perform the work with people you’re around. Sometimes, people allow them into their home and then move to another room, leaving you alone. 

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Ensure you’re comfortable sitting and thinking about your thoughts for the entire day.

  • Do You Follow Through With What You Start?

It could take two to five years to get a job as a technician in the field of piano. 

Therefore, you must think carefully before going on the journey. It’s a long and challenging path. It is essential to be genuinely interested in doing the things mentioned, and then you’ll need to continue and become proficient at it. 

If it’s something that you think you’d enjoy, it’s worthwhile to pursue it as a piano repairman, but that is a long time to focus on something. It is not a good idea to be two years into the project and discover that you don’t love it.

How Much Does a Piano Technician Make?

The average piano technician is paid $100 an hour. This is an outstanding earnings. However, it is crucial to realize that you won’t be able to work forty hours per week as a pianist. 

There are travel times, client acquisition, and paperwork to be completed, including billing. 

Remember that it will require determination and entrepreneurship to be an expert in the field of piano. Also, you must be able to bill people comfortably, which can be challenging for specific individuals.

How Often Should Your Piano Be Maintained? 

If you decide to employ an authorized piano repairman who can tune the piano, they’ll adjust your piano if needed throughout the tune. 

At a minimum, your piano needs to be tuned by a professional for a “major service” once per year. 

This service is essential to ensure that your piano is in good condition and will allow the technician to do repair or maintenance tasks on the numerous moving piano components.

BURTON & WILSON is here to assist. 

If you have any concerns or need help finding a good technician to repair your piano, contact us by phone or email, and we’ll be glad to assist you with keeping your piano in top condition.