Piano Restoration

Ins and Outs of Piano Restoration 

Pianos are much more than musical instruments. They are treasures of the past that contain the past within their beautiful frames. There is a certain appeal in revitalizing a neglected, old piano and then hearing it sing for the first time. 

This article invites you to enter the world of piano restoration in San Francisco, where the experts reveal their secrets for bringing these classic instruments back to life.

What Is Piano Restoration?

If you hear “piano restoration,” what is your first thought?

A fix, repairing damaged areas, and then tuning the instrument?

You’re right at a minimum…

When we refer to ‘piano restoration in San Francisco,’ we refer to stripping the instrument back and repairing, restoring, restringing, and repinning the frame and refining the cabinet so that the wood grain is once again highlighted.

We appreciate and would like to honor the work of the instruments’ original makers and hope to bring back an instrument with the same design and style as possible.

When the piano is gone, it will be restored to its original splendor and ready for more years of use.

How Do Piano Restorations Take?

Each piano is unique, and so is each restoration project. However, you should plan for approximately four months to restore one upright and five months for the grand piano.

Be aware that we may find areas that require attention that aren’t immediately obvious such as e.g. the discovery of gaps in the soundboard hidden behind the iron frame. It could increase the duration and price. In these cases, we’ll always talk with the owner before proceeding.

Is It Worth The Effort To Restore The Piano Of Your Childhood?

A vintage piano is worth reconditioning if its sentimental or resale value exceeds the restoration cost. Most pianos can be repaired. However, not all are suitable candidates.

  • Quality and the age: Vintage hand-crafted, high-end, or handmade grand piano is usually an ideal possibility for restoration. Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Bosendorfer, and Baldwin are the top brands.
  • Timeline – Piano restoration takes 2 to 5 months on average to complete. When the instrument is regularly used for lessons or business, you should arrange to replace the piano during repair.
  • Repairs and new parts: Repairs are less expensive than replacements. Strings keys and soundboards are usually costly and complex to replace.
  • Piano transportation and moving locally can cost an average of between $150 and $550on. Restoration companies may pay this expense if the piano has to be moved into their facility.
  • Warranty: The warranty for pianos is 5-10 years on average. Warranty options are available through the dealer, manufacturer, and restorer.

Locating An Experienced Piano Restorer

Before you hire a restorer for your piano in your area, make certain:

  • Compare the estimates of at least three licensed firms.
  • Select a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Piano Technicians Guild.
  • Check out their reviews and reviews on HomeGuide or Google.
  • Choose bonded and insured businesses with at least five decades of expertise.
  • Request a written estimate and a contract before any work is started.
  • Beware of companies that suggest the complete restoration or reconstruction when repairs or regulations are needed.
  • Beware of companies with the lowest estimates, as the quality could be compromised.
  • Do not pay the total amount at once. Use a payment plan instead and ask for receipts for every payment.

Why Should You Choose Burton & Wilson Piano?

First and foremost…because we love pianos! We are interested in pianos and are recognized as among the top.

Our goal is to ensure that a piano is returned, to the greatest extent possible, back to how it was first constructed.

We only use the best quality components and materials; most of the work is completed at our piano workshops.

With a combined experience of many years in the restoration of the piano field, we’re familiar with our work and are proud of our expertise and knowledge.

Each team member has specific expertise ranging from the exact regulation and fine-tuning of each piano to the French polishing of every cabinet; our professionals team up to carry out the highest quality restorations.


Piano restoration in San Francisco isn’t just about revitalizing an old instrument. It’s about giving new life to an iconic masterpiece. Experts’ secrets aren’t obstacles but are keys to unlocking the power of restoration.

If you decide to entrust the piano’s care to an expert or embark on a DIY adventure, remember this: the world of repair is where time and music coexist. 

Every note on a piano that has been restored echoes the past, showcasing the art and craftsmanship that spans the centuries.

Welcome to the fascinating world of restoration of pianos, in which the past and the present merge seamlessly into an enchanting symphony of sound grace, and timeless beauty. It’s the time to get into the art of making old instruments come back to life. 

With the right expertise and enthusiasm, your piano will sing songs that resonate for generations.