Pianos go out of tune whether they're played or not. Changes in the climate throughout the year will affect the pitch of your piano. It is advisable to tune your piano at least once a
year as they become more difficult and more expensive to bring back to pitch if left longer. Regular maintenance once a year will ensure your piano sounds great, stays in tune longer and maintains its value.

I don’t play my piano much so I don’t need to have it tuned, right?

What do you do when you come to tune my piano?

Burton & Wilson Piano provides a very unique 22 point piano tuning service for all clients. Don’t be surprised when 2 of us show up at your door! During our visit we can accomplish a great deal of work in a short amount of time. This ensures that all necessary service is being completed with a single visit, saving you time and money. Most technicians require follow up visits or extended time at your piano to accomplish what we can do in an hour or two.

Paying attention to the entire piano is required, we don’t just tune and run! Our goal is to improve your piano’s touch, tone, tune and appearance. To ensure your piano maintains it’s value and performs properly year after year, all of these areas need attention on a regular basis.

Your piano has value! Many are surprised to find what their pianos are worth. We provide a complimentary appraisal for your piano. This document can ensure that your piano is properly protected by insurance or can be a valuable tool when it comes time to sell or donate your piano.


Our Basic Tuning & Servicing (in part):

Tuning Service:

  1. BulletTune to A440.

Action Service:

  1. BulletRemove from piano-clean and vacuum.

  2. BulletVoice hammers.

  3. BulletCheck keys, action & pedals for proper operation, adjust as needed.

  4. BulletTighten action and damper screws.

  5. BulletWash and polish keytops.


  1. BulletTighten bench bolts & case hardware as needed.

  2. BulletDust, clean and polish case.

Piano pedals & locks:

  1. BulletStrip oxidation and polish.


  1. BulletCalculate current piano values and prepare appraisal document.

Who have you tuned for?

We enjoy tuning pianos all over. From small cabins in the mountains to large concert venues. Some long time friends include:

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