If your piano needs to be stored, either temporarily or for longer periods, make sure the piano is first moved properly by a qualified piano mover, and then stored properly by a professional piano storage company such as the Burton & Wilson Piano.  Stored incorrectly, a piano and its components may warp, damaging the hardwoods and other piano components.  This is most often due to changes in humidity and temperature where the piano is stored.  All modern piano manufacturer warranties strongly suggest pianos be kept as far as possible from all sources that change in temperature and humidity including Windows, baseboards, radiators, vents, AC units, fireplaces, and outside walls.

If you're remodeling or repairing your home, don't risk damage to your piano.  Burton & Wilson Piano can professionally move your piano, then store your  upright or grand piano in our climate-controlled piano storage and warehouse facility located in Santa Cruz, CA.  Our facility features a full service tuning, restoration, refinishing, and rebuilding workshop. Stop by or call us to see our facilities! 
Our piano storage and restoration facility is climate-controlled. At our facility, your piano can be tuned, restored, refurbished, and refinished for you. Make an appointment today!

What happens when a piano is stored incorrectly:

Warping and damage to hardwoods due to change in humidity and temperature under high string tension is certain to happen if your piano is being stored incorrectly. According to all modern piano manufacturer warranties, even in the home, pianos should be kept as far as possible from all sources that affect the change in temperature and humidity. Such sources include: heat/ac vents, windows, baseboards, radiators, fireplaces, open kitchens, laundry, outside walls, etc...  Shown are some examples of weathered pianos, cracked pinblock & bridge, resulting from improper storage technique:

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