Repair soundboard-board is dried and shimmed, crown is restored, historical decals on the board are exactly matched and replaced,
the the entire board is finished in lacquer.  Bridges are repaired, notches are re-cut, new graphite is applied and the bridge is then finished. The metal plate is washed, sanded and and then gilded in bronzing powders.  Plate lettering and artwork is applied and then the plate is finished in lacquer. The string bearing is set to factory specifications and new strings that exactly match the originals are installed. New tuning pins are installed. All damper felts are replaced with new duplicates. The damper guide rail is re-bushed.  Multiple tunings are performed.


To include all woodworking, case and veneer repairs. Dress and repair all gouges, splits and scratches. Remove piano hardware (hinges, pedals, locks, caster) polish and buff or re-plate if necessary in nickel or brass. Hand strip and remove old finish and stain. Ha
nd sand and prepare veneers for staining to the color of your choice. Finish piano in bar-top lacquer with 12-15 coats to a fully closed grain finish.  Hand sand between coats to a glass smooth finish with no grain valleys or bumps. Replace all decalcomania-historical decals are exactly matched.  Hand rub finish to a traditional satin finish.

Action Rebuilding

To include: New hammers-custom bored to match originals, new shanks, hammer butts and flanges are exactly matched.
Install new wippens. Remove and replace all key bushing cloth. Replace and regulate backchecks. Repair all action springs. Replace keybed cloth throughout. Voice hammers. Perform Major regulation of all action components and restore it to factory specifications. Rebuild and regulate pedal and trapwork system and regulate dampers.

Restoration In A Nutshell

Piano rebuilding can be a good alternative to buying a new one. Our clients choose this option for many different reasons, typically pianos are restored because the owner has sentimental attachment or it is a rare, high value instrument.

Burton and Wilson Piano provides many different degrees of restoration that can be tailored to accommodate most budgets. We allow our clients to choose items they wish to focus on while providing guidance and suggestions throughout the decision making process. In the end this is your piano and at Burton and Wilson it is our mission to leave you with an instrument that you will appreciate and enjoy for many years.

Below is a small peek of the many options available to you. We are happy to visit with you over the phone, through email or at your home to discuss all the options available to you.


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